Thursday, December 19, 2013

My Holiday Wishlist

The holidays are coming up and you know what that means? CHRISTMAS. (or other holidays). I am the happiest during Christmas season because everyone is so happy and joyous! I started planning my wishlist months ago, but now I have finally put it in into place. Here are a few of the things I am hoping on getting this holiday season!

1. HUNTER BOOTS. : my number on life goal right now.
All I want for Christmas is my hunter boots! I had a beginning Christmas list with just these on them. I have literally fallen in love for this colorful rubber boots. There are so many ways to plan them out and I can not wait to show you guys the fabulous outfits! (and yes even though it is "on the list" I am planning on getting these!)

the mass amount of clothes I want is reaching a point of becoming a problem. J.Crew, Tommy Hilfiger, Vineyard Vines, you name it I want it. I have a serious problem with clothes, and Christmas time is the one time to feed my obsession. I can't wait to show you guys some of the outfits I am planning on creating with these awesome new shirts, skirts, pants, shoes, necklaces, etc.

3. Last but not least, I want a phone case. NOT ANY PHONE CASE. I want a monogrammed otter box phone case.. sitting here thinking about it makes me want to cry. They are so gorgeous and beautiful and actually keep your phone protected. I enjoy collecting iphone cases a lot, and this would be my 6th one! (comment below if you all want me to do my iphone case collection!)

this is the one I want (obviously with my initials!) isn't it gorgeous?

Well this is basically all I want for Christmas this year, just a lot of clothes and accessories! Let me know what you all want for Christmas/Holiday season!


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