Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Some of My Obsessions...

Other than j.crew, vests, and bright shades of lipsticks, I have a few other more personal obsessions! Hopefully you can fall in love, not obsess over a couple of these things!

1. smashbooking
Have you ever heard of this? ITS ADDICTING. It's like a book with pretty pages and you throw random stuff in there and its supposed to look cute (mine don't!). If you want to look it up its K&K Company SMASH* books. Here are some examples of some beautiful pages (not mine.)
Smash Book
this post shows all the goodness inside!!  Confetti, triangles, pockets, fold out pages....fantastic!
oh my goodness so cute! It's just so much fun to put your memories and thoughts in a book in a kind of beautiful way!
2. i am way to emotionally attached to t.v. shows
(cough cough) gossip girl and pretty little liars. BEST. SHOWS. EVER. and yes gossip girl is still my favorite show even though it isn't on anymore. and yes i cried during the season finale let's not talk about it. but pretty little liars is still on and (SPOILER ALERT!) im so confused on who a is right now! is it ezra? is it another sketchy person? AHHH. I'm so emotionally invested in it. plus both these shows have the cutest outfits and the hair. i could talk about it for days it is so fabulous. blair and spencer are my two aspirations in life!

3. monogramming. everything. anything.
everything deserves a monogram! shirts, planners, earrings, necklaces, phone cases, stickers, make-up bags, nails, binders, shorts, chairs, hats, blankets, pillows, you name it i probably have or had it monogrammed. those are just a few of the things that are monogrammed in my collection (is it a problem? no? good). i just can't help clicking yes when it asked if i want it personalized. my days can have up to 5 monograms on me. i would love to have some monogrammed riding boots.
Monogrammed Riding Boots - Memento - Personalized Monogrammed Gifts(forever lusting)
4. moisturizing.
except my face. i can never moisturize my face, but oh how i will my feet, legs, hands, and lips. i can go through an eos lip balm every month i put on too much. (and yes it has happened multiple times!). I love to be soft and smooth!

well those are just a few personal obsessions of mine that i feel needed to be addressed to get to know me better! do you have any obsessions? let me know!


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Why You Should Go Get Yourself A Vest

We all need a staple in our closet. A pair of shoes, pants, a shirt, or a vest. Vests are so versatile and a NECESSITY for me. I couldn't imagine my closet without them. The perfect winter/fall accessory, here are the reasons why you should go get yourself a vest right now.

1. Warmth. 
I loathe winter coats. They are clunky, annoying, and hard to manage. What if I get hot? I have to carry it around until I am cold! However, the warmth and coziness when I am cold makes me wear them. UNTIL, I met vests. Around last year I received a wonderful navy j. crew vest and my life has changed for the better. They provide the perfect amount of warmth, while being breezy and cool.

2. They are cute (duh.)
My pinterest is filled with magnificent vest outfits! Layering is made easy with a vest. Sweater? check. Spirit jersey? check. Oxford? check. ANYTHING works. Here are some examples of gorg outfits you can rock once you have a vest:
East Coast Prepster(plus this one is monogrammed!)

this one is a personal favorite... (not cause its me or anything...)

3. Versatile
As you can tell from those pictures, you can pretty much rock anything with them. Plus, you can get a patterned or colored! Anything works with a vest, anything.

Now that you know why you should get one, where can you get one from is probably next on your mind. WELL. j. crew is a personal favorite, however many other stores sell them. (the above ones are mainly from j. crew) sporting stores, vineyard vines, i even saw one at american eagle! so I might have an addiction to them, they are fabulous for anything and everything. So, go do some online shopping and buy yourself a vest!


Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Year, But Not A New Me

The cliche is that every year one becomes a completely different person, changing their ways. However, we all know that is not true. So, I believe in the motto "New Year, But Not a New Me". Basically meaning that the way I am now is perfect enough for me, and why on earth would I change it?

Don't get me wrong, I love resolutions, goals, and motivation. But, I give it to myself in smaller doses and time frames. Here is my way of doing goals, the monthly challenge way.

The monthly challenge goes as so: you come up with a challenge, goal, or resolution per month you would like to accomplish. Throughout a year I feel people forget and don't accomplish what they set forth. Focusing on something each month sets the habit in motion, and thus you are more likely to get it accomplished. Each year I come up with my challenges each month. Here are mine for 2014:

January: Wash my face twice a day: I usually do it in the night-time, but I always seem to forget in the mornings!

February: Work out 3 times a week!: I need to work on getting in shape for my upcoming tennis season! And I am hoping that it will continue throughout the year

March: Do my homework immediately after-school: wouldn't it be nice to not stay up in the wee hours of the night? YES.

April: Be sleeping by 10: now that I am done with my homework, I will probably stay up till at least 11 doing absolutely nothing. But I should not and thus I will work on it!

May: Remember people's names: I am terribly forgetful, and before summer I make it my goal to remember the blondie in my chemistry class so that I can hang out with them over the summer!

June: Take time to look around: a vague one, but I am going to Europe during June and I want to not focus on the popular tourist attractions and look around.

July: Volunteer once a week: I volunteer regularly throughout the summer, but I seem to peak in June. I want to continue to volunteer throughout July so that I can help the community!

August: Be timely: During the first week or so of school I seem to be tardy to all my classes. I want to be on time to all my classes and all my after school activities.

September: Look into colleges: I have been pushing this back many times, but since I will be a junior next year I need to see where I want to go and tour some colleges.

October: Hang out with my friends: usually not a common goal, but I always seem to be so focused on school at this point I forget the most important thing, friends! I want to be sure not to get bombarded too much and to allow myself some freetime around school, tennis, debate, key club, renaissance, stuco...

November: Hang out with my family: holidays are starting and so is my family cheer! I want to be able to bond with my siblings especially (many are in college) while they are in town.

December: Nothing!: I want to enjoy the holidays and not focus on anything for December. Also, I need to begin planning for next years resolutions!

There you are. My plans at becoming a perfect person in the process of 12 months (just kidding!). I'll keep you all updated on what I believe to be a MUCH better plan then a year long resolution.