Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Some of My Obsessions...

Other than j.crew, vests, and bright shades of lipsticks, I have a few other more personal obsessions! Hopefully you can fall in love, not obsess over a couple of these things!

1. smashbooking
Have you ever heard of this? ITS ADDICTING. It's like a book with pretty pages and you throw random stuff in there and its supposed to look cute (mine don't!). If you want to look it up its K&K Company SMASH* books. Here are some examples of some beautiful pages (not mine.)
Smash Book
this post shows all the goodness inside!!  Confetti, triangles, pockets, fold out pages....fantastic!
oh my goodness so cute! It's just so much fun to put your memories and thoughts in a book in a kind of beautiful way!
2. i am way to emotionally attached to t.v. shows
(cough cough) gossip girl and pretty little liars. BEST. SHOWS. EVER. and yes gossip girl is still my favorite show even though it isn't on anymore. and yes i cried during the season finale let's not talk about it. but pretty little liars is still on and (SPOILER ALERT!) im so confused on who a is right now! is it ezra? is it another sketchy person? AHHH. I'm so emotionally invested in it. plus both these shows have the cutest outfits and the hair. i could talk about it for days it is so fabulous. blair and spencer are my two aspirations in life!

3. monogramming. everything. anything.
everything deserves a monogram! shirts, planners, earrings, necklaces, phone cases, stickers, make-up bags, nails, binders, shorts, chairs, hats, blankets, pillows, you name it i probably have or had it monogrammed. those are just a few of the things that are monogrammed in my collection (is it a problem? no? good). i just can't help clicking yes when it asked if i want it personalized. my days can have up to 5 monograms on me. i would love to have some monogrammed riding boots.
Monogrammed Riding Boots - Memento - Personalized Monogrammed Gifts(forever lusting)
4. moisturizing.
except my face. i can never moisturize my face, but oh how i will my feet, legs, hands, and lips. i can go through an eos lip balm every month i put on too much. (and yes it has happened multiple times!). I love to be soft and smooth!

well those are just a few personal obsessions of mine that i feel needed to be addressed to get to know me better! do you have any obsessions? let me know!


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