Sunday, January 12, 2014

Why You Should Go Get Yourself A Vest

We all need a staple in our closet. A pair of shoes, pants, a shirt, or a vest. Vests are so versatile and a NECESSITY for me. I couldn't imagine my closet without them. The perfect winter/fall accessory, here are the reasons why you should go get yourself a vest right now.

1. Warmth. 
I loathe winter coats. They are clunky, annoying, and hard to manage. What if I get hot? I have to carry it around until I am cold! However, the warmth and coziness when I am cold makes me wear them. UNTIL, I met vests. Around last year I received a wonderful navy j. crew vest and my life has changed for the better. They provide the perfect amount of warmth, while being breezy and cool.

2. They are cute (duh.)
My pinterest is filled with magnificent vest outfits! Layering is made easy with a vest. Sweater? check. Spirit jersey? check. Oxford? check. ANYTHING works. Here are some examples of gorg outfits you can rock once you have a vest:
East Coast Prepster(plus this one is monogrammed!)

this one is a personal favorite... (not cause its me or anything...)

3. Versatile
As you can tell from those pictures, you can pretty much rock anything with them. Plus, you can get a patterned or colored! Anything works with a vest, anything.

Now that you know why you should get one, where can you get one from is probably next on your mind. WELL. j. crew is a personal favorite, however many other stores sell them. (the above ones are mainly from j. crew) sporting stores, vineyard vines, i even saw one at american eagle! so I might have an addiction to them, they are fabulous for anything and everything. So, go do some online shopping and buy yourself a vest!


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