Monday, November 25, 2013

Beginning of Fall

Let's be honest. Who doesn't love fall? It can't be everyone's favorite season like mine but everyone loves it! The cutest outfits, pumpkin spice lattes, and even the beautiful scenery make it the perfect time of the year.

Sometimes, the hectic time of cramming in everything I do take's a huge dip in my wardrobe. (cough cough sweatshirts and black leggings every day) But, I do try to make a put together outfit everyday almost everyday. Here are my easy tips to creating your dream outfit.

you'll hear it once and you'll hear it again, but layering is such a key factor in everything I do. shirts under oxfords under sweaters under vests under everything! It is a simple way to spice up a new outfit. Here's a few examples of what to seamlessly guide into your wardrobe.
Love the sweater and necklace!
anchor sweater + plaid

2. Bring out the sweaters!
The easiest part about a fall wardrobe is sweaters. I recently got an adorable BOW one from J.Crew and am I loving it. Sweaters can be worn up or down depending on the mood and the amount of skirts available. I recommend getting some classic bulky/tight monochromatic sweaters and then reaching out and getting some fun ones (bows!). You can then pull your look together easily.
Monochromatic and layering! Swoon.

3. Two Words: Nail Polish
Nail polish will ALWAYS be the end of me. I can't help but peek into ulta when I am near it and pick up one or two or five essie or OPIs. They just are so different and cute. My wallet hates them, but my fingers do not! Fall is the perfect time to switch from the fun shades of summer to the dark shades of winter. You can pull off almost anything on those fingers! I'm currently wearing a dark red shade from essie. Here are a couple other examples of nail polish I have been trying to get my hands on
-OPI Russian Navy- I LOVE this color
Essie All Tied Up

those are my tips to a wonderful and cozy fall! hope you all have a happy thanksgiving!


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