Friday, December 20, 2013

Holiday Looks

Ahhh. The holidays. My favorite time of the year because a. family b. friends c. COOKIES (my mom has so far made 12 types with at least 30 of each..)

The problem with the holidays is what to wear. I had so much trouble coming up with outfits this year, so I scoured the internet and bought a couple of skirts and dresses and decided to come up with it later. Here is my inspiration, from pinterest, this year!
the plaid skirt, ruffle collar makes me want to die! I couldn't find the skirt ANYWHERE. so if you all know a place let me know!

i basically already had almost all of these pieces, so I was fine on this one! The skirt and plaid top struck me as genius, I usually wear my plaid with jeans!

okay I'm a HUGE lilly fan and when I saw this I HAD to get it. not very wintery in the photo, but paired with black tights, a statement necklace, and red lipstick! this would be golden.

Ooh la la i looovvveeee the dress
and finally, this dress. I am in awe at the gorgeousness of this dress. LOOK AT IT! they no longer sell it and I probably cried for about ten minutes over this. (if you know where I can find this LET ME KNOW!)

So all in all, there are so many options to wear for Christmas, whether it be formal or very dressy. Just bring in some red/green and it will be festive and beautiful!


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